Three West North East podcasts focusing on poems from the first section of the book (‘Fugue’). The podcasts were recorded in West Yorkshire, North Sheffield and East Yorkshire between March 2013 and May 2014. Click on the orange ‘Play’ buttons to listen to each podcast.

The third West North East audio podcast (recorded in Crossgates, East Leeds on one afternoon in May 2014) focuses on the poems ‘Because I was Nobody’, ‘Blood and Ice Cream’ and ‘The Last Workday Before Christmas’, each of which marks a specific location in the suburb: a cow field, the car park of the former Vickers tank factory, and platform 2 of the railway station.

The second West North East audio podcast (recorded on location at Flamborough Head over two days in July 2013) focuses on the poems ‘The Power-line’ and ‘Out Far and In Deep’, both of which reference this chalk headland, and also offers a rich seam of sound from the bird colonies that occupy the ledges of the cliffs.

The first West North East podcast is an edited account of a walk through North Sheffield made by Matthew Clegg and Brian Lewis on 26 March 2013, shortly after a heavy snowfall. Clegg reads and introduces several poems from ‘Fugue’ (the first of West North East‘s three sections): ‘This Place is Part of Me’, ‘Fishing by the Trunk Road’, ‘The Convalescent’ and ‘The Vantage’.

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