West North East: a selection of comments and reviews

‘An exquisite piece.’ – Kieron Bacon

‘An outstanding collection: tender, unflinching and utterly convincing.’ – David Belbin

‘Both poet and publisher are to be congratulated. Production / Design – outstanding. It’s increasingly rare to see such care and attention to detail these days.’ – Peter Boughton

‘Beautifully produced by Longbarrow Press’s Brian Lewis. Recommended.’ – Jo Brown

‘Just received my copy of West North East – truly a thing of beauty: design and production quality excellent.’ – Ian Buckley

‘Keep going back to West North East…’ – Paul Conneally

‘A beautifully produced volume.’ – David Cooper

‘A sublime journey through ‘points off the map’. Immensely readable.’ – Fife Psychogeographical Collective

‘I honestly think West North East should be compulsory reading for North Sheffielders. So perfect.’ – Kate Garrett

‘A beautiful object; fantastic writing.’ – Jonathan Hope

West North East came in the post today. Deeply moved. A great collection.’ – Rosie Johnston

‘Very highly recommended. A favourite book this year.’ – Brian Lavelle

‘I can’t tell you how much I loved West North East. It’s just spectacular. I read it like I read novels, starved for the next page. Amazing.’ – Marianthi Makra

‘A great book.’ – Helen Mort

‘Powerful poems on the theme of crisis and crossroads.’ – Eloise Roberts

‘Wonders indeed! Thanks to Longbarrow Press for the prompt and lovely West North East.’ – Damian Smyth

Irregular Margins names West North East as New Poetry Book of the Year in its Poetry Highlights of 2013.
The Guardian includes West North East in its Readers’ books of the year 2013 (see testimonial by reader Mick Seals).
Aly Stoneman reviews West North East for LeftLion here.
Phil Smith of the Mythogeography collective reviews West North East here.
The Sheffield Telegraph profiles West North East and Longbarrow Press here.


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