Matthew Clegg’s essays and reflections on West North East can be accessed via the links below. Further writings will be posted here during 2014.

Rods, Lines and Digital Media (on the film of the poem ‘The Power-line’)
The A-bomb of adrenaline
(on the poems ‘The Python’, ‘The Death Shift’ and ‘The Power-line’)
Ground Sense
 (on the poem ‘Sirens’)
A Fugue of Voices (on the West North East launch)
In search of ‘dynamic design’ in West North East (on the shaping of the book)
Edgelands (on the writing of the sequence)

‘The Cut’, an essay by Longbarrow Press editor and publisher Brian Lewis, reflects on some of the landscapes of West North East (specifically, those of Hillsborough, North Sheffield) and on the development of the book in the months leading up to its publication. You can read the essay here.

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