West North East is a 96-page hardback book comprising the following poems:

Raw Poem in Smooth Room

Part One: Fugue
Because I Was Nobody
Fishing by the Trunk Road
Blood and Ice Cream
The Last Workday Before Christmas
The Convalescent
The Second Chancers
The Vantage
The Python
The Death Shift
This Place is Part of Me
Open to the Sky
The Power-line
Out Far and In Deep
The Walking Cure

Part Two: Edgelands

Part Three: Chinese Lanterns
Li Po’s Note to Self
Panic in Detroit throbs from a jukebox…
Joni sings In France they kiss on Main Street
The cherry trees are creamy with blossom…
Lao Tzu Says
This morning Love summoned me in a dream…
The fact is I talk too much when drunk…
I’ve offered my advice to the young…
A Letter from Tu Fu
Confucius Says
Moving with Thought
Letter to a UN Translator
A Trance-Walk with Musõ Soseki
Passed over for a contract again…
Old School Signs On
Li Po at Gateway to Work
Aphorisms make me bite my tongue…
The Falconer
Honeysuckle Blooming in the Wildwood Air
Socrates on the Meadowhall Tram
Li Po’s Letter to Rumi
Marcel Theroux stops me…


Several poems in Fugue (‘Because I Was Nobody’, ‘Fishing By the Trunk Road’, ‘The Convalescent’, ‘The Second Chancers’, ‘The Vantage’, ‘This Place is Part of Me’, ‘Open to the Sky’) first appeared in Nobody Sonnets (Longbarrow Press 2006). The poems have been revised for this collection.

Alternative versions of Edgelands have appeared in pamphlet and matchbox formats (Longbarrow Press 2008). The matchbox edition comprises 56 poems, from which 50 were selected for the pamphlet. 40 poems have been resequenced (and, in some cases, revised) for this collection.



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